Attn: Parents of Teenage Boys Aged 16+ Only!

Finally! An education teen boys actually want to participate in



This program is not for everyone. You are in the right place if your teen son (age 16+) is struggling with any of these major life issues:

>> School Motivation Struggles:

Many boys are burned out on school after years in a system that is not designed for their ideal learning style and with the content and volume of work that is rarely interesting or engaging. Often this results in:

Grades are not what they could be

Frequently falling behind on school work

Making negative, discouraged comments about school

>> Social Political Pressure:

Feeling the pressure to watch their every word and step in a “politically correct” culture that too often starts from “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to males. Often this leads them to:

Feel insecure to speak up.

Feel angry and cynical and inclined to seek out groups “on the right” to validate them.

Feeling like outliers to the mainstream boy culture and it’s “locker room” mentality if they are more ideologically to the social-political left or just more emotionally mature.

>> Personal Relationships:

Struggling to build a deeply satisfying social world that includes close, trusting truly reliable friendships, especially with other males. They may have a number of guy friends to play video games with or watch sports and joke around, but not necessarily to talk through life’s bigger and/or deeper issues.

Some are in an intense romantic relationship (often their first) and having a hard time figuring how to deal with relationship challenges. Straight/gay/”bi”.. All are welcome! Intimate romantic relationships are intimate romantic relationships.

>> Making Decisions on Life Direction:

Struggling to stay positive and hopeful in a world filled with discouraging news that makes the future seem bleak or overwhelmed with the volume of choices and opinions being thrown at them?

If your teen son is struggling with any - or all - of these aspects of life, this program is for him.

Who this program is NOT for:

The program is not a forum to offer support for those who are struggling with Gender Identity and who are seeking support with that. While I do believe this is a legitimate issue and life path, it is not my area of expertise.

Boys who are being “forced” to participate by well meaning parents. There are so many teen boys who find the dialogue offered here to be so refreshing, thought provoking and useful, that we don’t want it tainted by someone with a chip on their shoulders intent to ensure it fails them.

Who this program is IDEAL for:

Boys who are more thoughtful, asking questions and who innately know that things can be better and should be better.

My particular niche in my Private Practice are teens and young adults who are deeper thinkers, who feel things more intensely and are seeking more out of life. The group program is more general than that, but those who are oriented this way will find it particularly enriching.

If this sounds like a good fit, you can click the button below to enroll and get started in just a few minutes.

I Understand That When I Enroll,

I get Immediate Access to The Mentorcourse which includes:

  • Exclusive Access to special guests to share their life experience
  • 30 Days of Weekly “Mentor Messages” from Jeff Leiken
  • 2 Group Calls a Month For 30 Days
  • Lifetime access to a private members area with video courses specifically designed to help your son move forward.

I also understand that the regular price for one on one/private access to Jeff starts at $1,800 a month.

But, when I enroll my son in Mentorcourse, I’m getting access to the MentorCourse and the group calls for just $397

Why Is This Course For Older Teens (age 16+)?

We grapple with complex issues that demand the ability to hold seemingly incompatible ideas in mind simultaneously… e.g. how our schooling model is boring and largely filled with information they will never need again and simultaneously why(and how) they should still succeed in it and use it to their advantage.

We discuss topics that are relevant for teens on the cusp of adulthood like values, life direction, coming to terms with the realities of life’s inequalities and injustices, etc.

These are not topics for young teens whose brains are typically not developed enough to process.

You probably already know this, but you’ve probably already said all the right things, you’re simply not the person they need to hear it from. As the parent of a confused, unmotivated, discouraged teenage boy looking at this page you have two options…

The first is you do nothing and you continue to let popular media craft the narrative your son chooses to believe. You can either watch your son stay stuck or, more likely, start to spiral downward, get more jealous, more insecure, isolated, and fall further behind.


The second and much better option is that you enroll your son in Mentorcourse and help light a fire that causes him to start building up confidence, seeking adventure, and becoming more motivated to reach his goals and make his mark on the world.

To Your Success,

Jeffrey Leiken

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “MentorCourse” is another minute your son is powerless over his future. Put the power of the MentorCourse to work so your son can start building his confidence, motivation and get unstuck immediately.